Gearing up for 2017


I just finished building the benches for the tech workspace. There’s another bench in progress only this one will be used for wood crafting (update coming soon).

The gaming and video editing rig now has a central monitor flanked by vertical touch screen panels. There is a fourth monitor for the Raspberry Pi and Arduino experiments.


This is part of a plan to upgrade Rant’s services so that by early next year we will be providing sessions in:

  • Game Maker: We have invested in the Game Maker Studio Master Collection which is a software toolkit that offers an easy entry to game development and deployment to pretty much any platform (PC, iPhone, Android, etc). Great for beginners to learn the fundamentals of game development.
  • Raspberry PI: We have also setup a Raspberry Pi 3 workstation which is a platform for teaching and learning the fundamentals of computing, programming, and electronics.
  • Makey Makey: Already a core technology that we use on a regular basis so we thought it was about time we offered some group sessions with a focus on sculpture and music.

And of course, these technologies will be mixed in with our regular sessions of art, photography, film making, and technology.

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