Accessibility Tools

At Rant Creations we like to use our creativity, not to just make art, but to make art with functionality, better yet, to make art that makes every day just a little bit better. Collaborating with people with limited motor skills doesn’t have to result in compromise, so instead, we work together to build solutions, and sometimes they even work. Exploration, experimentation, and determination are the keys to success.

Pen Holders

Chrissy is an artist that lives with very limited fine motor skills. We have been working with Chrissy for several years supporting her in developing an art practice that works within her physical limitations, In addition, we have been designing tools that allow us to experiment and discover ways in which Chrissy can extend her creativity into other mediums.

Anthony designed a number of pen holders that we heat reactive so that he could see where skin contact, and therefore fit, was most consistent. Through many iterations and tests with Chrissy, they were able to create a finger mounted pen holder and one that conforms to Chrissy’s palm. This has helped Chrissy to hold pens and paintbrushes at an angle more suited to her range of motion.

The Wheelchair Gaming Table

Chrissy has always been keen to play computer games and once Anthony had set up a gaming rig for her she was rearing to go. Very few games were suited to Chrissy limited motor skills so instead of playing the same simple games over and over we decided to build a custom gaming table that functioned just like a game controller. Lots of wire, some shoe stretchers, rubber balls, and an old acrylic table and top and Chrissy was a happy camper (GTAV and Goat Simulator being amongst her favourites games).

Custom Wheelchair Table Spacer

What do you do when your new wheelchair comes with a tiny little table designed to barely hold any weight? You retro-fit the old table, make a new mount, and then design and 3D print a custom spacer. While you’re at it why not throw in a 3D printed articulated squid joystick knob. Yay.

Zero Budget Wheelchair Trailer made from Scrap

The world needs less rubbish so why not get some palette wood, a broken pram, and some old paint, and make a little trailer that attaches to a standard wheelchair bracket. Suitable for shopping and dogs.