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Make and Play

We’ve been having a lot of fun lately messing around with sticks, paper, wire, and goop. We’ve been building mobiles, jewelry, and pocket objects (nice little things to keep in your pocket and occasionally remind yourself that life is meant to be fun). We’re busy testing out techniques and coming up with some new products and workshops.

Stay tuned.

Hello 2014

Wow, what a year.

The end of 2013 was crazy busy with all sorts of fun stuff keeping us occupied. We shared a solo exhibition, got some more of our work out in galleries, sold most of our stock at the markets, found some new creative inspirations, and then finally got to chill with out with family on Xmas and New Years.

Xmas was very creative this year as we decided to make all of our gifts. Here are a couple of portraits painted for the younger family members:

lexi_small    RIO_small

In other news, that I am sure you will here more about over at Windress Emporium, Rachael has been busy schmoozing her way around the Brisbane gallery scene and has signed a contract with C Gallery.

2014 promises to be a huge year with Rachael producing and exhibition a lot more work and Anthony making some moves in the software and creative industries. Stay tuned.

Our first market stall

Well not really our first, we did sneak in a small one at Blue Knob Gallery a few weeks back, but this was our inaugural proper fair market.

I tell you what…. it was a massive amount of work to get the magnet stock finished, the stall equipment and props ready, and to psych ourselves up for a lot of sun and selling.

Well, it was worth it. We sold a bunch of magnets and got a lot of invaluable feedback on our work. We also took some inquiries for portraits and other works, so overall an exhausting yet worthwhile day.

One of the tables displaying our wares.
One of the tables displaying our wares.
Rachael setting up.
Rachael setting up.
We've built some signage and sculptures to add to the flavour of our stall.
We’ve built some signage and sculptures to add to the flavour of our stall.