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Mmmm grilled cheese.

They say that when a chef gets home from work all they want to make for dinner is a grilled cheese toasty. I get that, grilled cheese toasties are awesome.

Part of our work at Rant is to help others with their blogging and online social activity, so when we get home from work we make grilled cheese toasties instead of blogging. Mmmmm grilled cheese.

uh… ok then, check out some of the stuff we have been doing:

Chrissy Corn Chip img_4132
Raise money, buy parts, build computer, design controllers, implement head and voice control systems, and ultimately create a whole new world of exploration for an amazing person who has not been able to fully experience gaming and the internet due to limited fine motor skills.

Zac is an amazing person who I’ve been fortunate to work with for the last few months. If you live near me then you have probably seen or met Zac, and if you haven’t then be sure to check out his blog and band TraLaLaBlip.

The Unseen Machine
Rachael and I built the Unseen Machine a few months back and have been moving it from galleries to workshops around the Northern Rivers.

Coming up for air.

We’ve been such slackers with this blog…. but that’s not because we haven’t been busy. We have been beyond busy.

Here’s a couple of sneak peaks into some of the projects we have been working on:

Initiative to develop cheap gaming controllers for people with limited fine motor skills (a Collaboration with Chrissy):

Chrissy Corn Chip

The Unseen machine has been doing the rounds and Zac has been killing it in his studio sessions:

Zac and the Unseen Machine

We’ve also been developing some new photography and art programs in preparation for launch early next year (if we survive this one).

So stay tuned, drop us a line, and get busy being creative. 🙂

Radio Interview!!!

I am looking forward to my radio interview on Saturday with 92.9 River FM! I will be on the air from 12.30pm. I will be talking about my exhibition and our project that we are launching, “Unseen”. This project is about people who have hidden disabilities or barriers that they deal with on a daily basis.

“Unseen”  brings awareness to the broader community about these sorts of issues. 

Be sure to tune in! If you are not in the Lismore area you can log onto and click on ‘stream’ to hear me live.

Chrissy comes on board.

I have recently started mentoring people with disabilities in photography. I am very excited about being able to share my passion with these amazing young adults.

On Friday Anthony and I went with one of my clients to pick up a camera for her. She has cerebral palsy and limited mobility. She also purchased a wireless shutter control and camera mount for her chair so she can move it herself and be able to press the shutter easily. Later that night she texted me to thank me and tell me she has been taken photos all afternoon. It was an amazing feeling receiving that text. I am so excited about working with her and my other clients.


Hello 2014

Wow, what a year.

The end of 2013 was crazy busy with all sorts of fun stuff keeping us occupied. We shared a solo exhibition, got some more of our work out in galleries, sold most of our stock at the markets, found some new creative inspirations, and then finally got to chill with out with family on Xmas and New Years.

Xmas was very creative this year as we decided to make all of our gifts. Here are a couple of portraits painted for the younger family members:

lexi_small    RIO_small

In other news, that I am sure you will here more about over at Windress Emporium, Rachael has been busy schmoozing her way around the Brisbane gallery scene and has signed a contract with C Gallery.

2014 promises to be a huge year with Rachael producing and exhibition a lot more work and Anthony making some moves in the software and creative industries. Stay tuned.

Our first market stall

Well not really our first, we did sneak in a small one at Blue Knob Gallery a few weeks back, but this was our inaugural proper fair market.

I tell you what…. it was a massive amount of work to get the magnet stock finished, the stall equipment and props ready, and to psych ourselves up for a lot of sun and selling.

Well, it was worth it. We sold a bunch of magnets and got a lot of invaluable feedback on our work. We also took some inquiries for portraits and other works, so overall an exhausting yet worthwhile day.

One of the tables displaying our wares.
One of the tables displaying our wares.
Rachael setting up.
Rachael setting up.
We've built some signage and sculptures to add to the flavour of our stall.
We’ve built some signage and sculptures to add to the flavour of our stall.

Hello World!

Welcome to our new blog.

Rant Creations is a collaboration between Rachael Windress ( and Anthony Eden (

We will be posting information about our art, products, and creative endeavors.
🙂 Rachael and Anthony