Rachael and Anthony are working on a new series of works. The works include photography, sculpture, electronics, and paintings.

Current Exhibitions:

Fox Photo Den (June – July 2016)
Abstract photography and interactive sculpture.

Please contact us for sale and order inquiries.

Fridge Art

Fridge Art are unique one off pieces of art.

We explore photography and image generation with a focus on macro worlds, science, and nature. By exploring the abstract we strive to create interesting talking pieces that engage the mind and inspire creativity.

Fridge Art are laminated images mounted on painted wood with a layer of sheet magnet applied to the back. They stick to ferrous metal stuff (like fridges) real good.

Fridge Art are handmade with care by Rachael and Anthony using locally sourced materials and are available in various sizes and volumes.


We love doing custom portraits especially of kids and pets. The portraits are painted using Molotow water based acrylic paint on 280 gsm duck cotton canvas and are available in various sizes.

Portraits start from as little as $175 and all you need to provide is some photos for reference. Better still, come along to our studio in Lismore and you can dress up and experience your own photoshoot.

remy_samplekitty_sampleremy2_sample RIO_small  lexi_small

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