The Unseen Machine

The Unseen Machine is an experimental musical instrument and art installation that has toured many events and galleries around the region. The machine exists to give the audience a glimpse into another world and to consider the notion that, like all people, that beauty is most often hidden within, ready to be discovered when seen through a different lens.

The Unseen Machine is operated through touching different objects and pipes. It was built so that a single person could play it or multiple people could play it by holding sections and touching each other hands. In this way, it is both a unique musical instrument as well as a collaborative artwork.

As the operators use the machine sound waves can be heard and also seen as they are pushed through abstract visual landscapes (made in our Liquid Creations workshop). A unique aspect of the machine is that it can’t be seen without looking through a different lens, or in this case, without wearing some specially made goggles.

Check out Zac playing the machine or some of the images of the many people playing below.