Rant Creations provides inclusive workshops for smalls groups interested in exploring creativity and technology.

We are currently preparing new workshops for 2020 and will publish the schedule when we have everything locked down. Please contact us if you would like a tailored workshop experience for your business or clients.

We will be providing workshops in the areas of:

  • Liquid Creations: An exploration of abstract photography through playing with light and liquids.
  • Raspberry Pi and Microbit: An absolute beginner course to get you up to speed with microcomputing and programming using Raspberry Pi and Microbit technologies.
  • Light Painting: Combining custom made lights and long exposure photography to explore the colourful world of painting with light.
  • Paint Pouring: Come and get your hands dirty as you throw and spin paint.

For custom workshops in virtual reality, 3D printing, and general photogrphay please contact us.