Rant Creations provides workshops for support service providers and their clients. We currently work in the youth, outreach, and disability sectors.

Workshops usually comprise of one session per week with groups of 6-10 participants though they can be tailored to your business needs.

Schedule and Pricing
Our workshops are scheduled based on your needs. Please contact us for further information.

Digital Photography (Day) – 5 hours
Join Rachael and Anthony on an adventurous day out in the Norther Rivers where we will discuss the basics of photography, answer any questions you may have about your equipment, and experiment with different approaches to photography. These sessions are perfect for those that are new to creative photography and want to get the most out of their cameras.

Digital Photography 1 & 2 (Term) – 3 hours per week – 6 weeks
Six week structured courses where you will go from learning the basics of photography and your equipment to learning more advanced techniques. During the course we cover topics such as the rights of a photographer, equipment use and handling, composition (rule of thirds, leading lines, tonality, etc),  portraiture, printing and presentation.

Digital Photography Play (Day) – 5 hours
Our most popular workshop and perfect for the young or the young at heart. During the workshop you will engage in a number of photography based games, explore the use of science in photography, play with abstract textures including suspended fluids, lasers, and glass, and explore various techniques for abstract fine art photography.

Introduction to Painting (term) – 3 hours per week – 6 weeks
These sessions are geared towards those interested in learning to paint. The workshop is facilitated by Anthony and you will be joined by guest artists who will demonstrate techniques in their preferred medium. We will cover watercolour, acrylic, oil,  portraiture, colour theory, composition, and drawing.

The Art of Upcycling (Day) – 5 Hours
Ready to get messy and turn your junk into treasure. During this workshop we will explore the Lismore Recycling Centre for some interesting objects then head back to the studio to create works of art. A fun activity for people of all ages.

An Introduction to Social Networking (term) – 3 hours per week – 6 weeks
Curious about social networking but don’t quite get it? or do you want to participate but you are intimidated by all the jargon? join these sessions and you will learn the basics of social networking, develop your own WordPress website and blog, and participate in various social platforms including Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and FaceBook.